Imagine this:

People (who lived though the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Great Depression, World War I & II, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Civil Rights) never realize they are in the middle of historical "Deep Doo-Doo" when it was happening!

When you are in the middle of madness, you are too busy keeping your head above water to realize you're drowning.

If we looked at the daily perils in front of us, we'd probably go back to bed & pull the covers over our heads.

100 hundred years from now, kids will read history book about how their grandparents came together worldwide to fight Corona Virus. 

I'm wondering how heroic will some of us look in those future history books.

I'm sure the dude who was hoarding toilet tissue and medical masks is not going to look as heroic as Captain America did in World War II!

Nope, some will look like real assholes when history is studied in 2120.

Thank God, most Human Beings will look like saints instead of sinners.


Tough times bring out either the best or worse in people.

Fortunately, we have seen more recent examples of the best of humanity than worst!

Medical professionals who lived in cities where Corona Virus wasn't a problem went to cities where it was!

Their sense of duty to help their fellow man & woman overcame their fear of death!

Some have been able to go back home to loved ones, others were not so blessed.

These stories restore our faith in humanity.

That faith has been easy to lose with so many wicked heart people roaming the World,

These people doing these acts of courage are not heroes who wear capes and masks.

They are just people who in their heart know to do the right thing,


We are going to come out of this Corona Virus Pandemic, sooner or later!

However, if we come out better World citizens, those lives lost will not have died in vain!

When you die as a role model, you don't really die.

You have left us on the physical plane, but your act of courage gives birth to new role models!


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  • An excellent analysis and very uplifting and motivational.

    Geoffrey A Atkins

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